Tuesday, August 11, 2009

TM Update

I'm back online - after two more missed deadlines one where they were going to turn up this morning at 9am, and one at 2pm, eventually the TM tech's arrive at 4pm, ask me if I have played with the face plate of the phone socket. I said of course not, it was the two brainiacs that turned up last night and couldn't fix it. They played around for about five minutes and fixed! A five minute job that a support guy I asked for last Thursday could have fixed.
But whatever, I've got my broadband back, for as long as TM can keep it alive, my lovely snails pace, not particularly reliable broadband back, which means I don't have to watch any more TV.
Here's the TM tech's in action, I had to take a pic to prove they were real even to me.

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